Inter Business Index 2017

The Inter Business Index is listing the 50 largest companies of Sweden, based on the skills of holistic value creation.

Based on published research, the Inter Business Index uses a unique tool, Ibx InsightTM, developed to measure and analyze the core skills that indicate a company’s ability to create holistic value.

The Inter Business framework is built on extensive qualitative research, resulting in not only the Index itself, but also a sound methodology for the framework that have been published in two academic peer-reviewed journals.

The Inter Business Index is presented by us, Inter Business Initiative, and Ibx , who offers tools to measure and manage, as well as insights on, business beyond sustainability.

“Business is the most powerful force for change, it touches every single moment of our lived life”

- Caroline Casey, founder of Binc, Ireland (at the launch of Human Centered Business Index 2016)

“To have a sustainability or CSR department, working in isolation, is pointless. These perspectives need to be an integrated part of your core business.”

- Arne Karlsson, Chair of Bonnier Holding, and many other Corporate Boards, Sweden (atthe launch of Human Centered Business Index 2016)

“When it comes to leading in today’s world full of interconnected challenges, we need to connect the dots and transform our organizations.”

- Gregg Vanourek, author, adjunct lecturer at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
(at the launch of Human Centered Business Index 2016)