Inter Business Index is a three-year research project. We investigate what
happens when companies go from a one-sided focus on the bottom line,
to measure value created in all relationships surrounding a business.

We are proud to announce this year’s ranking of Sweden’s 50 largest companies and their ability to take coporate sustainability to the next level, at a seminar together with Grant Thornton.

Please join us at the release of Inter Business Index 2018/2019 on January 29th!

The 2018/2019 Index analysis shows positive and negative trends in the development of corporate sustainability work today. The companies that top our list have managed to integrate sustainability into their core business. They work efficiently with the abilities we have found to be vital to the business of the future – Purpose, Empathy, Systems Approach and Transformation. Together, they are brilliant examples of companies that drive and lead towards a sustainable future.

Inter Business Index is a ranking of Sweden’s 50 largest company, to show that
it is possible to systematically and in comparable ways follow up these four abilities – and thus also follow up on the conditions to lead their business in this transformation.

The Inter Business Index 2018/2019 is the second year the index is presented, based on the analytical methodology published in “Journal of Management and
Sustainability “2017

The Inter Business Index 2018/2019 is made possible by the generously support of Lumen Behavior and Pondus Kommunikation.