Photo by Elin Berge


Medvind [Tailwind] – Social Work in Transformation –provides strategic support to a cluster of four traditional social work organizations, to create future financing models that can carry the indispensable work these organizations do for their beneficiaries.

Our cluster members have unique positions, relationships, knowledge and experience to help their target groups to a better life. The Inter Business Initiative support the organizations to develop new strategic guidelines, operational structures and governance so that they can focus on what they do best now and in the future.


Convitus an open door to the street and a link into society, providing shealters, daily activities and a health center for the homeless.

Öppen Gemenskap provide support and activities for socially vulnerable people via sheltered accommodation for women with addiction, daily activities and emergency accommodation for the homeless.

Göteborgs Räddningsmission …… The project Skype School develops a digital solution to make sure all Roma children in Sweden gain access to education.

Musketörerna i Rågsved are guiding people left outside of society towards inclusion via networks, support and piloting in contact with authorities.