Srey - Tales of Urban Girlhood

The book "Srey - Tales of Urban Girlhood" is a documentary book where meetings with girls living among the rubbish in Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh provide insights on sustainability, entrepreneurship and responsibility. Over 100 girls and young women was engaged in dialogue to explore the power of the empathic meeting in forming business strategy. The authors show the importance of empathetic meetings - from dump to boardroom.

The book is a collaboration between the authors Johanna Hallin and Evelina Fredriksson, the photographer Olov Sotarn Tegby Frisk, Pondus creative director Mikke Hedberg and the publisher Document Press.

“An amazing book connecting the lives of those in the outer parts of our global value chainsto corporate sustainability efforts. It will touch you and move you to action in a way notpossible with traditional management texts. A must read!”

- Lin Lerpold, Executive Director of the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (MISUM) and
Acting Professor on the Mistra Chair of Sustainable Markets at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)

“Srey will punch you in the gut – complicating gender with race, class, sexuality and global power structures. The empathic meeting is an action we all can learn and Srey shows that it can be applied not only close to us, but also across the world .”

- Ida Östensson, Founder of Make Equal and Fatta, thought leader and human rights advocate

“I see a world of purpose-driven businesses and this an amazing contribution to the field!”

- Aaron Hurst, author of The Purpose Economy, CEO Imperative,